Central, majestic and simply unique

The Foyer,
Heart of the 18 Hôtel

The 18 Hotel Paris


It is around its majestic fireplace that the 49 rooms unfoldAlso central and exceptional, the Foyer is set in a beautiful veranda made of black steel worked by the Eiffel brothers with an extensive outdoor space. Made of metal beams and glass, the skylight, the foyer is the setting for daily drama. In the morning, the fireplace, which crackles with the scents of fresh pastries and coffee, welcomes you to breakfast. 


Throughout the day, come to the Foyer to relax, read and find someone, it houses a licensed bar and receives the weary traveller on its gigantic Chesterfield or small enclosed tables.


At night and until the first light of dawn, when the flickering lights cast dancing shadows on the walls, the Foyer invites you to discover wines; the owner's rich cellar is there for you to discover and share, according to his and your desires...


And because Montmartre inspired the 18 Hotel, every evening a portrait painter from the famous hill shows off their talent to the hotel guests and paints their portraits or a painter from the Place du Tertre comes by appointment with their easel to paint a unique souvenir!