A decidedly unique place




















Between Montmartre and the flea market

The 18 Hotel Paris


Here, in his much loved 18th district, Thomas Chaumette came up with the idea of 18 Hotel as a second "home", organized in 49 roomsa foyer  that exudes laziness with a spectacular 10-metre long cashmere Chesterfield. A busy living space, where our guests are more like friends.


Located in a communication network, 18 Hotel is ideally placed to shine in the capital with easy access to the hottest places: Stade de France, future judicial city of Paris, Plaine-Saint-Denis recording studios. But it also has access to old-Paris, whose heart resides in the 18th district and its surroundings: Paul Bert and Biron flea markets, the picturesque and gourmet rue du Poteau and its street food market and charm of yesteryear; rue Duhesme that leads right to Sacré-Coeur after a flight of stairs, Montmartre easily viewed from the bedrooms.



A decidedly unique place


At the heart of Paris de Poulbot

The 18 Hotel Paris


Born in the 18th district where he then grew up, Thomas Chaumette took over a hotel in his homeland. Yet this son of famous actors had nothing in his background that destined him to turn to the hotel industry.


When he made that choice to not be the “son of”, Thomas joined the competition at the demanding Lausanne Hotel School, known worldwide for its universal hospitality training which so quickly developed its students' talents. There he learned excellence, creativity, hospitality, open-mindedness and everything that would allow him to offer his guests the very best, so that they would feel special.


18 Hotel is the result of the boldness of a man who feels and senses, a pioneer, an inventor... As Thomas Chaumette is an intuitive man, it is in the north of the capital that the Paris of the 21st century is emerging. A Paris mosaic, where business flirts with idleness, where modernity nods to retro, where the slow coexists with the urgent, where Paris rhymes with little village.